A gargantuan soundtrack to what can be described as the pantheon of Anime, Akira. Now ‘vintage’, the film and Geinō Yamashirogumi‘s (芸能山城組) soundtrack truly stands the test of time and fashion with it’s texturally, culturally, spiritually rich and existential intelligence. The ‘animal-human-god-like’ vocal lines, tribal rhythms using traditional Japanese instruments, and presence of electronics create such a powerful sonic palette that works so perfectly with imagery at every point, but equally as a stand-alone piece of music in its own right. The use of silence is equally breathtaking in this film.

With a hollywood style remake planned for the future, we face another profit-driven butchering of a classic. We know what will happen, we can probably guess who will be cast in each role, what the music will be like, where it’s going to be set (and it certainly won’t be Tokyo) etc. So, watch or re-watch Akira of 1988, if only to remind yourself of the unnerving message in this film – After the natural catastrophes in Japan this year, it brings a chillingly familiar scene, albeit symbolic. And, equally, the political events that occur alongside Akira’s swelling energies, also offer those living in the UK further insight into recent social/political/cultural shifts.

– Gazelle Twin