Neneh Cherry was my saviour at school discos. She was like a confident, cool, big sister; full of opinion and self-belief. The sort of person I wanted to become but never would, unless I was lost in the music, dancing at the aforementioned school disco…

Listening back to ‘Raw Like Sushi’ after 20 odd years, there’s still a lot to draw from her as a female artist, not to mention the delicious ‘Sign ‘O The Times’ vibe of the music. OK, so the 90’s were all about positivity, confidence and quite a lot of arrogance, but she still has a conviction and sexual power that holds up today, and its all done without dressing up as a gimp (surprisingly).

The only other person I can compare with this nowadays is M.I.A. even if she is a bit of a ‘card’. Enjoy.

– Gazelle Twin

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