The newest instalment of my ongoing ‘Consequences’ series is comprised of one track, ’13’, which is based on an improvised loop pedal jam. I recorded the original straight onto 4-track tape via a loop pedal with a mic, picking up a distorted guitar amp. The result was good for me to listen to, but the quality was too poor for people to pick out the details I wanted them to hear.

So this re-recorded version stays faithful to the spontaneous arrangement of the original, and the essence of it is still ‘one-shot’ in that I would try to make the individual parts using first takes. I recorded it back onto tape once it was finished.

Hence the sub-title of this piece. It is also a reference to the book I’ve been fascinated with for a while, which questions the role of authenticity in popular music. The title of the book in turn is also an appropriation of the song by Simon and Garfunkel.

It will be available for free download from Anti-Ghost Moon Ray in the next month or so, and I am considering a limited cassette run of the 2 Consequences projects later in the year.

“13” by Bernholz

The second track here is a left-over from ‘Consequences 1′. I didn’t get it finished in time to go with the others, but went back to it later. It was the original track which started the whole series, so here it is in all its glory. A slightly better quality version is free for download from my bandcamp page.

“1” by Bernholz

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