Apparently, ‘there is no real future for physical retail in the music sector’. This might be true for the High Street, but there will be plenty of independent record shops open on the day that HMV locks up for the final time. In fact, a new record shop has just opened in Brighton. It’s run by local label Well Rounded, and it’s situated above Rare Kind Records, and below RK Bass at 104 Trafalgar Street. That’s three record shops under one roof! All three stores specialise in vinyl, but the range of music available is massive: Rare Kind has a great selection of hip hop, soul and jazz; Well Rounded are all about house, techno and dubstep; and RK Bass focus on drum and bass, and other hardcore genres.

Here’s a recent mix from Well Rounded boss Donga, featuring records he has bought in Brighton shops:

There’s plenty more vinyl to be had elsewhere in Brighton too. One Stop Records is located above Wolf and Gypsy on Sydney Street, and has some excellent deep house and techno, as well as disco, reggae and older stuff. Helpfully, they are in league with Vinyl Underground, an online shop with a very impressive catalogue. Find something you want on there and they’ll send it to One Stop for you to collect – a great way to shop online and avoid postage costs. Here’s an example of something I found in there recently:

If you’re in search of house and techno records then don’t forget to visit Endless too. They’re on Kensington Gardens, above Loaded, and they have a good selection of new releases. They also stock second-hand experimental indie and noise, which is often tricky to find on vinyl these days.

Every Brightonite already knows about Resident. It’s unquestionably the best place to go if you want to refresh your CD collection, but their vinyl racks are also surprisingly deep. In fact I think it’s impossible to browse Resident without finding something you want. Following the very sad demise of Rounder last year, Resident now has a unique position in Brighton. The other shops mentioned above cater to DJs, vinyl purists and geeks, while Resident can appeal to those people as well as the wider world. I really hope these places can all coexist without putting each other out of business, because record shopping in Brighton is a lot of fun right now.

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