Don’t Look is a Hastings based artist, DJ and producer, currently creating a throbbing mix of industrialism and ambience, like some kind of sentient, inebriated buzzsaw. The sounds are dark, heavy, and hypnotic. Influences are brazenly on show, but the sensitivity with which they are handled are a pleasant surprise, given that he is 17 and has not been producing for a particularly long time. Samples of house flies and de-tuned pianos introduce a brittle interruption to a chasm of audio space. Here, Jarrod Dean, aka Don’t Look, gives Anti-Ghost Moon Ray a mixed set and description of some tracks that have shaped his musical language.


“This mix represents my personal experience with music, how my interest in it grew and more-so how it influenced my own music.
Kraftwerk and The Prodigy were the first bands I ever heard, and my love for Electronic Music only grew from there, after getting in to Techno and Breakcore from friends, I discovered more and more genres and artists I never even knew existed, discovering artists like Ryoji Ikeda and Justice Yeldham that pushed the boundaries of music itself to Burial and Skream that encouraged me to dig deeper in to London’s underground Garage scene.
Every one of these artists impacted me heavily, whether it just be music that I fell in love with, music that challenged me or music that made me want to create my own.
Every track is important.”