Henry Plotnick is an improvisational musician, creating long, drawn-out, ambient pieces using the most basic of Yamaha keyboards, and a Line 6 DL-4.

His pieces evoke the arpeggio based minimalism of Steve Reich, Terry Riley and Philip Glass. If not maybe possessing as much in the way of the sophistication as these composers, he still has an ambition and playfulness not to be overlooked.

Henry Plotnick’s album, ‘Fields’, is an ambitious, patient and ever evolving series of ideas, charmingly simple, but genuinely startling. Released on vinyl through ‘Holy Mountain’ on the 23rd July, it can already be downloaded here:

He has recently been performing improvised pieces in art galleries, as well as posting videos on the internet which are tragically under-viewed.

Henry Plotnick is 11 years old.

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