5056052700974  Annual General Meeting Record - Vol 1 - Cassette

We are happy to present the first of our compilation series – Annual General Meeting Record – Volume 1 – to be released on Digital and Limited Edition Cassette on 1 February 2016.


Every year we aim to release a new compilation featuring artists we know and love, and those we’ve discovered through the internet’s endless channels.

Profits from all releases of the Annual General Meeting Record series will go to a different charity every year. Volume I is in aid of the NGO charity – Médecins Sans Frontières – Doctors without Borders (MSF).

Septobel – Benge
Ravoir – Ausschuss
33 – Bernholz
Disquiet – Alex Painter (Great Pagans)
Wyndow Hole – Nika Son
Fizzy Logic – Deeds
Polite Applause – Acquaintance
Iliim – Rosen
Outer Body – Gazelle Twin
Slipping – Don’t Look
Resolute – Future Image
New For You! – Cardinal Fang

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