Gazelle Twin - Hobby Horse

After announcing a premiere and headlining performance at Supersonic Festival 2018 on June 23, Gazelle Twin has now announced the release date of her newest album, ‘Pastoral’, on 21.09.18, together with a searing new single ‘Hobby Horse’ and b-side ‘Deep England’ out on 22.06.18. Both out on Anti-Ghost Moon Ray, with support from the PRS Foundation’s Momentum Fund – an award granted in 2017.

Pastoral is an album that juggles British identities,” Bernholz explains. “A musing on how a sordid past becomes ‘quaint’… and that there is horror in every Idyll.” Elizabeth Bernholz

The Quietus premiered the track here, you can pre-order here at GT’s Bandcamp page, and listen via GT’s YouTube channel.


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