Bernholz is musician, sculptor and filmmaker Jez Bernholz, who produces experimental pop using a combination of 4 track, casio synths, digital samplers and sequencers.

His debut LP, ‘How Things Are Made’, a suite of delicately layered soundscapes, contrasted against fiercely catchy pop songs, was released on Anti-Ghost Moon Ray/Cupboard Music in September 2014. The physical release included a handmade plaster block, encasing a SD card with the album and additional songs. The Creators Project led a feature about contemporary models of releasing music in the digital age with 'How Things Are Made'.

A new LP, ‘The Innermost Surfaces In Eggshells’ is due for release later this year.

" absorbingly left field dose of synth pop" Clash Magazine

"A glorious cross between David Bowie, Underworld, and Laurie Anderson, How Things Are Made is one of my favourite albums of the year. Vibrant, exciting, progressive, brilliant!" Wyrd Daze

"One of Britain’s hippest independent labels, Anti-Ghost Moon Ray, has delivered into the open view yet another visionary artist in the form of Bernholz" Q Magazine