Speak Galactic

Brighton one-man-orchestra Speak Galactic kindly performed at our recent EP launch. Employing an array of pedals, samplers, a guitar and vocals he painted an incredible wash of textures, transfixing the audience for his entire set. He is currently completing material for his next release but for now here’s a selection of songs he put out a few months ago.

Hear the entire ‘When the Sea Water Reaches the Window’ album on Spotify here.

Space bliss

Indulge your space fantasies with this amazing Interactive Night Sky Map. And why not heighten the experience with a bit of synth grandeur from M83 (incidentally the above photo is the M83 galaxy). Check out the Digital Shades album here. Credit to my buddy Pete for finding the space gismo.

EDIT: You could also make it sexy with this brand new From Now On Let’s mixtape from AGMR favourite White Rainbow.

You Are Listening To…

I keep coming back to this again and again. It has lent atmosphere and an uneasy calm to many an evening lately. You are listening to New York streams police shortwave radio from New York alongside a seemingly random mix of ambient music. The combined product has the feel of absolute calm juxtaposed with impending tragedy, like you’re wandering city streets late at night slightly removed from yourself… or something…

They also have streams of LA, San Francisco, Chicago and Montreal which is a nice french twist to the series.

-Duke Raoul