Teeth – Shawty


It’s not over for the pitched-down vocal sample yet! This technique may not make it to the end of 2011 without becoming passe, but it’s already produced interesting results, opening up some common ground between R&B and underground electronica. In this example, Finnish producer Teeth isolates a fragment of a Beyonce vocal and totally recontextualizes it.


Something similar is at work in the video. Employing another trend that’s bound to seem dated before long, 80s advertising, this clip is more focussed than your average retro-fest. Every single image is a highly-contrived shot of a glamorous woman, and they fall into two camps — some are cheap and seedy sex chatline ads, and others are wholesome mainstream commercials. The comparison is obvious enough: both use sex to sell their products. But what makes this montage strangely compelling is how these anachronistic clips (which seem so fake and corny, but are really no more so than the adverts that manipulate us today) appear distant and alien but yet intimate. A woman from the past is looking right at you and smiling. And she wants to know your name.

Artist Mixes (part two)

Yes, I’m still listening to mixes from last year! Of course this is simply due to the sheer quality of the best mixes, many of which require a few spins to fully absorb. Don’t worry though, I’m keeping up with new mixes too, and 2011 has already produced some classics. As mentioned in my last post, FACT is quickly becoming best place to discover electronic music on the internet; recent highlights of their bi-weekly mix series include: 

FACT are also gradually uploading all their mixes to an invaluable Mixcloud archive.
Two other great websites for finding mixes are Dummy and XLR8R. Below you’ll find four of the best artist mixes they hosted in 2010.
Any mix that starts with Azari and III’s unstoppable Reckless With Your Love is out to grab your attention, and How To Dress Well’s mix for Dummy certainly warrants it. This eclectic mix includes house, synthpop, krautrock, hip-hop and shangaan electro.

HTDW Dummy Mix


Holy Other get seriously hypnotic on their Dummy mix, combining trippy house with slowed-down R&B. This style may sound dated in a year or so, but even then I think it’ll be difficult to deny that this has music has real atmosphere, and it will surely never sound familiar… it’s too weird.

Holy Other Dummy Mix

As you might expect, Mount Kimbie’s XLR8R mix is focused on bass music. It’s interesting to compare this excellent mix with one of the more recent post-dubstep mixes mentioned above. Since this was made last September, Ramadanman has become one of the most influential producers in the UK, and James Blake has become, like, famous. (Tracklist here.)

Mount Kimbie XLR8R Mix

Another side of bass music is featured in Girl Unit’s XLR8R mix. In contrast with the heavily-percussive and often glitchy music showcased by Mount Kimbie, Girl Unit focus on the sound that made the Night Slugs 2010 releases so popular: colourful, squelchy synths and 808s, influenced by hip-hop and R&B as much as dubstep. (Tracklist here.)

Girl Unit XLR8R Mix

– The Enormous Shadow