Dâm-Funk – How Will It Be (Between You and Me)




I’ve still only heard this a few times (it came out last summer) but it’s already firmly embedded in my brain. Every week or so it will come back to me for no apparent reason, and then I’ll be humming it all day. I think the chorus might be literally unforgettable.


Prophet was an enigmatic synth-funk artist from San Francisco. His album Right on Time came out some time in the mid-80s, but the exact year is debated, as it’s not printed on the sleeve. This was pretty obscure stuff until this May, when Nite Jewel covered ‘Tonight’.

It’s clearly been a big influence on NJ and other lo-fi disco artists, but I reckon that Daft Punk and Justice may have heard this too. It’s got that choppy, disconnected sound they’ve used, although it was clearly made without the help of computers.

Prophet – You Really Turn Me On