Twixt Two Worlds

On Friday 31 October 2014 we hosted an event at Towner, the contemporary art gallery in Eastbourne. Our evening of music and film was inspired by Towner’s current exhibition, ‘Twixt Two Worlds’, which explores the relationship between still photography and film. Our event featured DJ sets of ambient and experimental electronic music by Acquaintance and Bernholz, and a reconstruction of Acquaintance’s set is now on Mixcloud. The set includes classic ambient sounds from Pete Namlook, Gas, Jochem Paap, and others, alongside more recent material by Eva Bowan, Somni, Rosen, and Acquaintance himself.

Acquaintance’s Ambient Mix by Anti-Ghost Moon Ray on Mixcloud

Deep Acid

I’ve made a YouTube playlist of some very deep acid. These are some of the most hypnotic moments in electronic music, all based around the 303 synthesizer. Be prepared for long tracks that take their time to develop entrancing patterns of arpeggiated synth lines and intense rhythms.

Here’s the tracklist:

1. Choice – Acid Eiffel
2. Hardfloor – Trancescript
3. Plastikman – Marbles
4. Baby Ford – Crashing
5. Recondite – Tie In
6. James Jack Rabbit Martin – Only Wanted To Be (Acid Version)
7. Phuture – Inside Out (Pierre’s Wild Pitch Mix)
8. James Blanco – Night Closure
9. Achterbahn D’Amour – Trance Me Up (I Wanna Go Higher) (Skudge Remix)
10. Rocky Jones – The Choice Of A New Generation (Choice Of The Underground)
11. Tin Man – Plastic Arts

It lasts about an hour and a half. I’ve chosen the best uploads available, and many are ‘HD’, so I’d recommend that you select the highest-quality for each video when it starts.

Night Slugs Mix

Night Slugs DJs are playing Brighton tonight, so to celebrate I decided to make a mix.


This is intended as a companion piece to Night Slugs Allstars Vol. 1, the incomprehensibly-awesome compilation they released way back last December to bring together some of the label’s highlights. I’ve chosen to complement this with an unmixed compilation of other tunes that didn’t make it onto the official round-up (in fact three songs featured here have been released since  ‘Allstars’ hit shelves).

May 2011 mix by Bernholz

This mix was originally on a C-90 for Alex Raoul as a birthday gift at the beginning of May (hence the image above, and it’s considerable length). At his insistence, here it is in all it’s glory. The title refers to the exciting and uncertain time this has been made as a backdrop to. It features some of my favourite tracks and artists from the last year or so who seem to share similar aesthetics.

Arabic Spring Night Time Mix – May 2011 by Bernholz on Mixcloud

‘Zoo hypothesis’ – Laurel Halo
‘Angel chromosome’ – C V L T S
‘Endeavour’ – Dylan Ettinger
‘Solaris’ – Emmanuel Tegel
‘6’ – Bernholz

‘Hagasuxzzavol’ – Maria Minerva

‘Try to make yourself a work of art’ – Julia Holter

‘Food pyramid’ – E-Harmony

‘Someone chasing someone through a house’ – Umberto

‘Mirror sequence’ – Pye Corner Audio

‘Choral’ – Mountains

‘The falling age’ – Julia Holter

‘Aquifer’ – Laurel Halo

‘Birthright’ – Dinosaur Bones (CFCF remix)

‘Nights over Egypt’

Here are some other mixes by a couple of the artists off the first tape;


subbacultcha mixtape by C V L T S