All Watched Over – The Enormous Shadow

All Watched Over

All Watched Over by The Enormous Shadow


I’m currently in the midst of recording my first album, and it can be difficult to listen to the same sounds and tunes over and over without losing the plot. So sometimes I take a break by quickly creating something totally unrelated. Here’s one that turned out OK.


It’s named after All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace, a documentary by Adam Curtis which was broadcast earlier this year and which I found fascinating. It is streaming now on Thought Maybe, and is highly recommended to anyone who’s interested in hearing some original thoughts about the relationships between technology, politics, philosophy, economics, genetics and ecology. Curtis also makes brilliant use of vintage and stock footage and has a truly singular approach to the use of music in documentaries.


Artist Mixes (part one)

Listening to Duke Raoul’s mix of experimental guitar music (see post below) has led me to think about how important artist mixes have become to me in the past year. Mixes are a great way to discover new music and find out more about the tastes of artists you already know about. FACT is undoubtedly the best place to find this stuff, as they present two mixes per week. I’ve uploaded three of my favourite FACT mixes from 2010, which you can stream or download from this page.

LHF are a London collective of producers, jointly releasing deep, percussive bass music. They’ve created lots of mixes to showcase their tunes, many of which are available on their facebook page. Their ‘Keepers of the Light’ series is definitely worth checking out, but my favourite mix remains this hypnotic and compelling set for FACT.

Four Tet is one of the biggest crossover names that FACT roped in last year, and his mix is full of cutting edge electronic artists like Ramadanman, Oni Ayhun and Mount Kimbie.

Glasser’s mix is actually a collaboration with her co-producers The Romantic Three. This makes for a more varied listen, with two remixes of Glasser tracks, ambient moments, contemporary electronic and even a foray into vintage techno.

LHF mix for FACT

Four Tet mix for FACT

Glasser mix for FACT

In part two, I’ll post some of my favourite artist mixes from other websites.

– The Enormous Shadow