Clipping – midcity

The free, self-released album ‘midcity’ by Clipping does not require much of an introduction or description. The effect is instantaneous:


Muscular, contorted sounds from the burnt-out belly of the world on the other side of the Atlantic.


Just listen. Listen again. Listen once more. Then donate.


One from the vaults…

I will shortly be posting up an album, or mixtape, of sketches, tracks, and unfinished ideas that have never made it off my 4-track. In addition, there will be some new material that I am making, newly invigorated by rediscovering the creative process I’ve been missing for a while.

I recently discovered White Rainbow, who has done something similar, and I was just astounded by it. Judging by the title, it looks like there is more of this exciting material to come. Enjoy the album stream from bandcamp, and then buy the thing.

– Bernholz