Annual General Meeting Record (Vol 2)


Digital + Cassette

1. Ital Tek – To Dust
2. Rosemary Loves a Blackberry – Play or Pay
3. Timeron – Risers
4. I Speak Machine – Blood from a Stone
5. Lighght – Gutter
6. Near Future – Divides At
7. Bernholz – 58
8. Anneka – These Lands
9. Acquaintance – We’ve Got to Have Some Music on the New Frontier
10. Alex Painter – Sweetness
11. Gazelle Twin – Smash
12. Lone Taxidermist – Red Kiss
13. Fog School – You Were Born for Chilling Deeds
14. Nick Sutton – Prayer
All profits in support of Refugee Action.

Artificial scarcity.

Music writer Chris Ott has started uploading video essays/diatribes on his Shallow Rewards blog dealing with a number of themes surrounding music scenes and pop culture. He puts forward some really interesting ideas based on personal life experiences in bands, journalism and as a fanboy.

This video discusses the idea of forced scarcity and deliberate obscurity many acts have adopted to create a greater sense of ownership and belonging for its select audience.

Oh yeah btw, you can get the ltd edition cassettes of the Great Pagans EP right here…