We are pleased to announce our latest release – FLESHED OUT – a remix album of Gazelle Twin’s UNFLESH (2014), featuring 10 exceptional producers: Perc, Carter Tutti, Blanck Mass, Dave Clarke, Zamilska, Don’t Look, I Speak Machine, Lone Taxidermist, Wrangler and Vanishing.

This is our 23rd release and comes on sumptuous Double Gatefold Vinyl, or digital on 29 July.

Pre-order directly here.

New Release – Annual General Meeting Record (Vol. 1)

5056052700974  Annual General Meeting Record - Vol 1 - Cassette

We are happy to present the first of our compilation series – Annual General Meeting Record – Volume 1 – to be released on Digital and Limited Edition Cassette on 1 February 2016.


Every year we aim to release a new compilation featuring artists we know and love, and those we’ve discovered through the internet’s endless channels.

Profits from all releases of the Annual General Meeting Record series will go to a different charity every year. Volume I is in aid of the NGO charity – Médecins Sans Frontières – Doctors without Borders (MSF).

Septobel – Benge
Ravoir – Ausschuss
33 – Bernholz
Disquiet – Alex Painter (Great Pagans)
Wyndow Hole – Nika Son
Fizzy Logic – Deeds
Polite Applause – Acquaintance
Iliim – Rosen
Outer Body – Gazelle Twin
Slipping – Don’t Look
Resolute – Future Image
New For You! – Cardinal Fang

Gazelle Twin – ‘Outer Body’ Mix for I-D Magazine


Elizabeth Bernholz made a mix for I-D… It features a track from fellow Moon Ray artist, Bernholz‘s upcoming LP ‘How things Are Made’, two tracks from 18yr old producer Don’t Look (who recently supported Gazelle Twin’s live show at the Green Door Store in Brighton), and two unreleased tracks by GT herself. Full tracklisting below.


“Gazelle Twin does things differently, creating a lane of her own within the music world. As she steps up to provide this week’s Slumber Session, let the Brighton-based singer and producer take you on a disturbing journey through time, space and sleep.” I-D



Whistle and I’ll Come To You (audio excerpt) – BBC (1968)
Car Wash Fountain – Felix Blume (Freesound user)
Tranquil – Don’t Look
Ancestors – Bjork
Untitled – Tara The Android (John Bergeron)
Archaica I – Gori Women’s Choir
Waiting Area – Cognito Perceptu (Freesound user)
GreenScreenRefrigerator (audio excerpt) – Mark Leckey
Surge – Don’t Look
Mortuos Plango, Vivos Voco – Jonathan Harvey
Mesopotamia – Bernholz
C-Cat Trance – Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland
FAR – Katie Gately
Wormhole (Solaris) – Cliff Martinez
I Can Move It – Gazelle Twin
Lst Ctrl – Zebra Katz
Tchuti Sevdiani Simtchera: I. Lento – Gori Women’s Choir
Outer Body – Gazelle Twin

Best of 2013 Mixtape by Jarrod Dean / Don’t Look


Earlier this year we introduced Jarrod Dean aka Don’t Look, an intriguing 17 yr-old DJ and Producer who makes, mixes and manipulates music and sound into unsettling but thoroughly engaging DJ sets, soundscapes, EPs and mixtapes.


For New Year’s Eve 2013, Jarrod has made a brand new playlist for us, this time serving up a pleasingly industrial alternative to the usual end of year countdown ‘hit’ records. Enjoy.


2013 is quickly drawing to a close, and blogs, magazines and critics from every corner of the internet are posting their album of the year rankings. As is the annual tradition. Lists are dull and grating, especially when the majority contain the same undeserved Vampire Weekend and Arcade Fire albums, so I thought I’d celebrate this years’ musical accomplishments with a mix instead. Through Noise, Jungle, Grime, Techno and several other mishmashes of genres, here are 20 of my favourite tunes from the last 12 months presented in a half-hour set. – Jarrod Dean / Don’t Look





Cut Hands – Madwoman
Perc & Truss – Spiker
Akkord – Navigate
Mumdance & Logos – Truth
Etch – Lost Methods
Wen – Spark It
Emptyset – Fragment
Mincemeat or Tenspeed – Drooman
Pete Swanson – Grounds For Arrest
Anne-James Chaton – Évenément27
Ango – Smile XXL
Walton – Baby
Bambounou – Brim
Swifta Beater – Food Move
Mala – Changes (Harmonimix)
Ekoplekz – Probic Vent
Blank Banshee – Metal Rain
John Cohen – Sweet Tester
Young Echo – Umoja
Special Request – Capsules