The Entire City

The Entire City 1934 by Max Ernst 1891-1976

As with any creative project that requires as much emotional input as it does stoic ‘business’ admin, there have been many, many moments of self-doubt and a few small disasters and let-downs over the past two and a bit years whilst conceiving, developing and delivering my first album. Thankfully, none of those fleeting episodes were powerful enough to stop me from actually finishing the thing – and they weren’t even the only obstacles… but here it is.

There’s no need for a gushing personal account of the album making ‘experience’, but I did want to share the seed from whence the concept of the album spawned: ‘The Entire City’ by Max Ernst (1934).

The deceptively tiny oil-on-paper work is currently at the Tate Modern. Go see it, if you haven’t already.

– Gazelle Twin