Gazelle Twin – BBC 6 Music Stuart Maconie Interview

gazelle twin supersonic
Gazelle Twin by Joe Singh

Right before Gazelle Twin’s lauded performance at Supersonic Festival 2015 in Birmingham on 12 June, Elizabeth Bernholz gave this extensive interview with Rebecca Gaskell for Stuart Maconie’s Freakzone show, which aired on 20 June. Listen again here.

Gazelle Twin - Moog Lab session

Gazelle Twin also spent 2 days in the MOOG Lab to devise and record a live session – soon to be revealed. The Lab was brought to the UK for the first time ever by Supersonic, housed at Birmingham City University.



Hunger TV interview Gazelle Twin



‘Gazelle Twin, makes eerie, bass-heavy industrial pop that will raise the hairs on your neck.

Her latest single, ‘Belly of Beast’, showcases the Brighton-born musician’s experimental approach to production, mixing the familiar sounds of a supermarket with ethereal vocals and intense beats.

Set to release a new album later this year, we caught up with Bernholz to talk the forthcoming release, being part of the Anti-Ghost Moon Ray collective and find out what draws her to a darker aesthetic.’


Hunger TV interview with Gazelle Twin >