Solve/Still not resolved

 To synchronise these videos, press play and pause immediately on each one. Set them to the beginning again.

As a suggestion, start with the top video, and as you are counted in, (1,2,3  2,2,3) bring in the video on the right, and then the bottom.

Finally, start off the video on the left after 8 bars (count yourself in 1,2,3  2,2,3  3,2,3  4,2,3…).

Allowing for perhaps a slight delay to the start of the video, being the nature of the internet, it should all sync up well.




– Bernholz

Oneohtrix Point Never forever

This is a recent interview with Dan Lopatin, aka ‘Oneohtrix Point Never’, who in my view has produced one of the best albums of 2010. In the run up to the AGMR ‘best of’ mix coming soon, here is one of my suggestions for that list. Lopatin talks intimately about his synthesisers like family members, and towards the end, has a quite wonderful revelation on the power of controlled chaos. OPN embodies an optimism of future technologies that is contained in the fragments of luscious, aspirational and transgressive 80s video footage spliced into his own music videos. He has revived that optimism in me. Perhaps this is a real and great evolution in the future of electronic music.


– Bernholz