Space bliss

Indulge your space fantasies with this amazing Interactive Night Sky Map. And why not heighten the experience with a bit of synth grandeur from M83 (incidentally the above photo is the M83 galaxy). Check out the Digital Shades album here. Credit to my buddy Pete for finding the space gismo.

EDIT: You could also make it sexy with this brand new From Now On Let’s mixtape from AGMR favourite White Rainbow.

Purple and Green with envy

This is the brilliant video from Purple and Green, the funky monster love child from the people who brought you White Rainbow (Adam Forkner) and J Green (Justin Leon Johnson).

In Human Nature, Forkner’s arpeggiated synths and erratic rhythmic patterns are exchanged for something a little more refined, minimal and sassy. The melodies evoke quite a lot of memories of ’90s new jack swing, and of course Prince. The synths are sharp and precise rather than mesmerising and abstract, and it’s a brilliant exchange. But the most outstanding part of the video, and the element which brings it totally into its own, is Green’s uber-diva like performance. He’s “not ashamed, not afraid”, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a brilliant, high camp execution of male r’n’b before, an out and out deliverance from the chauvinistic, macho bravado some may have come to expect from the genre. The video downplays everything, and even exchanges swagger for a little bit of geeky-ness. It’s fun, and it is also very real without ever bragging about it.

I’m hooked on this, and everytime I watch it, it plants a huge smile on my face. It’s possibly my favourite track and video of the year so far. I can’t wait for more.

PURPLE & GREEN – “HUMAN NATURE” from judesays on Vimeo.

– Bernholz

One from the vaults…

I will shortly be posting up an album, or mixtape, of sketches, tracks, and unfinished ideas that have never made it off my 4-track. In addition, there will be some new material that I am making, newly invigorated by rediscovering the creative process I’ve been missing for a while.

I recently discovered White Rainbow, who has done something similar, and I was just astounded by it. Judging by the title, it looks like there is more of this exciting material to come. Enjoy the album stream from bandcamp, and then buy the thing.

– Bernholz